Our Skylights are designed to take advantage of natural light, providing greater dissemination and sharing the same inside buildings, houses, industrial buildings, offices, shops, sports centers and large Pavilions. Aurora Skylights Manufacturer allows to incorporate different opening systems for access cover or for facilitating ventilation.

These Skylights are the best decorative solution in Aurora, where you want to take advantage of natural light as well as allowing you to have ventilated areas. The skylights allow you to incorporate different opening systems (spindle and handle, telescopic electric opening or remote), allowing us to vent or have a deck access, hence making them your perfect lighting solution.

Easy installation and connection

The Aurora Skylights Manufacturer has designed these Skylights for installations at height. Our electrical VSE windows are the perfect solution for natural light and ventilation for these applications. In addition to providing abundant natural light , they can be operated easily with the push of a button. And thanks to the sensor you have, if you forget to close it, the VSE also closes automatically in case of rain.

VSE window opens and closes quietly from anywhere in the home with its innovative remote control. These Skylights are installed with a single 14 gauge wire, including 20 meters of cable.

You can control the amount of incoming light and temperature in your room, thus reducing energy consumption and the costs involved. If you want to address the light, full softening or obscuring, the Aurora Skylights Manufacturer makes it simple by providing a full range of shades and colors to suit every need. Choose from a Venetian blind, blackout curtain, awning roll or outside. Do not worry about installation, we have been commissioned to create an entire system simple to install, so you do not need anything additional when it comes to the installation of these skylights.

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