Calgary Skylights Manufacturers are the biggest suppliers of domestic and commercial Skylights in Calgary. We manufacture all types of roof windows and Skylights with different functions in order to brighten up various industrial residential buildings. Our Skylights are produced in several types, namely the vent-shaped horizontal shaped domes.

Numerous studies have revealed the importance of sunlight for physical and mental health. For example, it was found that the lack of natural light can cause depression, so multiply cases of depression in the winter, when the sun is missing even days. It was also found that those who benefit from natural light have a higher productivity and ability to concentrate at work, the same applies to pupils or students.

These Skylights doesn’t just fulfill the function of natural light but can also have the function of smoke and heat exhaust. With the help of automatic opening system, you can easily vent out the smoky air in case of fire, owing to its natural ventilation system.

Calgary Skylights Manufacturer equip these roof windows with integrated RWA smoke vents for smoke and heat, or vents for ventilation and natural light daily. Daily hatches for ventilation can be controlled by pneumatic or electric opening system, in which case this opening system can be implemented as a central rain and wind sensor that protects the system.
Our company can provide both thermal and other elements added into the Skylight in order to protect it from falls or burglaries. Calgary Skylights Manufacturer provides roof windows, which are made of aluminum frame (self-sufficient), for the side and the semi-circular Skylight support.

Calgary Skylights are designed to strip daytime light and ventilation (roof included), ready for installation in openings in the roof. In addition to light and ventilation function can be equipped with Skylight band smoke vents RWA for smoke and heat.

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