Our Skylights are made from materials of the highest quality and under strict quality control. This helps to ensure a long service life even under extreme weather and climate conditions in Edmonton, AB. Edmonton Skylight Manufacturers, manufacture exclusive designs for the contemporary structure that lets in natural light in everyday life in an exclusive manner. Acrylic Skylights have different shapes and sizes. You can choose between domed, pyramid or rider in either 2, 3, or 4 layers.

Clear Skylights are optimal for example, for office environments, where incoming light is in focus, while the opaque Skylights are widely used in changing rooms and toilets, or in rooms where a more diffused light is required. You must choose 3 or 4 ply roofs where the requirements are for sound damping and U-value, while the 2-layer is preferable in situations, without the need for greater noise reduction, and U-value.

Skylights are obvious in all the house’s rooms

It is obvious that living as a lounge and dining kitchen has the pleasure of the roof, but also the bedrooms can be equipped with Skylights, as Edmonton Skylight Manufacturers produce the best material for illuminating your home.

You can also think of having skylights in the bathroom – an often overlooked space that with a small investment can become a nice place. Consider the appearance when choosing Skylights when planning your roof solution, the focus of the course is to bring more light into the dark corners.

Improper installation of the window can damage the roof. The roof is the most vulnerable surface of the house, and improper installation can lead to leaks between roofing and window, which means that the rain water penetrates and causes rot and mold in the construction. Therefore, allowing the Edmonton Skylight Manufacturers to do the work, will also give good advice on which option is suitable for housing. Connect with us about the possibilities, and make a firm offer on the solution.

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