Our best Skylights in the roofcan be installed along the ridge to maximize light and illusion, if you have a ceiling.Skylights to the roof are ideal for both residential and commercial buildings and are available in different types.

Kitchener Skylight Manufacturers manufacture special acrylic Skylights, which are used in private homes and garages, offices or schools, institutions and other public buildings. If you want to focus on the natural light, you can get acrylic Skylights for any occasion, as they create light in an exclusive and pleasant manner. Acrylic Skylights have different shapes and sizes. You can choose between domed, pyramid or rider in either two, three of four layers.You can get clear or opal acrylic skylights.

Clear Skylights are optimum examples ofKitchener Skylight Manufacturers for office environments, where incoming light is in focus, while the opaque skylights are widely used in changing rooms and toilets, or in rooms where a more diffuse light is required. You must choose three or four ply roofs where requirements are available for sound insulation, whereas two layers is preferable in situations without much need for noise reduction. You can read more about our solutions.

Kitchener Skylight Manufacturers produce modern Skylights that combine a conventional vertical window to achieve the feeling, that reside on an outdoor patio, because the light penetrates from different angles.

These Skylights are the exclusive choice to enhance the interior of your house. These Skylights can be used in all types of roofs, and is the product that lets most daylight into the home, shop or office. For any subsequent sale of the property, it will have a positive effect on the house’s value.

If you are considering buying a Skylight, so contact us for advice and guidance. The pictures above are good examples of how these Skylights allow more light into the home. There are many ways to draw daylight through the roof from the ordinary standard roof windows for individual solutions as pyramid skylights and much more. Depending on the needs, tastes and roof, you can choose solutions that let more or less daylight in the house.

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