Sunlight is both healthier and more comfortable than electric lights. By installing Skylights in your home, you can reduce your energy consumption and get more beautiful and more natural light in your Oakville home. Our Skylights provide, thanks to their location, more light than traditional vertical windows. In addition, Oakville Skylight Manufacturers help to heat up the home whenever the sun shines, so heat consumption can also be reduced. Thus, only one or two Skylights make a significant difference in the dwelling total indoor environment.

Skylights can in principle be placed anywhere, but to get the most out of solar energy, you may want to choose a south-or west-facing location. This will get much more free heat energy and light into the home. Remember to take the compass in mind when deciding where your new roof windows to be placed. If you are not comfortable with the installation, then do let us know and we will help you through installation.

The sun’s heat and light can bring home lots of free energy, if there is one or more Skylights mounted on the roof ridge. To take advantage of this free energy as much as possible, it is important to retain the heat. It can be done very efficiently by installing energy curtains on all Skylights. Studies show that skylights with energy curtains have 34% more insulation than roof windows without curtains.

The Oakville Skylight Manufacturers have developed their own technique of industrial production of roof windows with flap opening, Skylights to roof exit and dormer windows to give your home a new dimension by improving the quality of life, under the roof and into your attic.

With the introduction of a roof window to your attic, it becomes a comfortable environment, a space to share with friends, to spend convivial moments with friends. Oakville Skylight Manufacturers roof window is unique in its kind and has got new standards for quality and for more energy efficiency in your home to protect the environment.

These Skylights start from a simple idea: to capture the outdoor solar lighting and to transport it through reflective properties, inside buildings with blinds or poorly lit environments.

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