The Richmond Skylight Manufacturers produce roof windows with multiple types of openings and the various possible dimensions can guarantee constant aeration and natural lighting throughout the interior or a specific room.

With the roof windows, it furnishes the attic giving it a touch of design combined with the style of the environment. These simple and handy Skylights can make easy and safe access to the roof. Every idea and solution is possible by enriching the window or Skylight with accessories. If you need total darkness you can install a shutter or a tent if you cannot get the handle manually it is possible to use an auction or connect an electric drive, not caring if you leave the house without closing the window, as the rain sensor installed is close to us and so on.

The Richmond Skylight Manufacturers are famous in the production, sale and installation of roof windows and Skylights, thanks to a full 360 degrees and an extensive sales network is able to operate throughout the Canadian territory.The openings for roof windows are available in many models and types, depending on the needs that are to be met.

To ensure the access of natural light in rooms, where there is no possibility to install roof windows, we recommend you to use Light Tunnel tubular Skylights. Through the tubular Skylights, sunlight is captured and transported inside the environments through a tunnel highly reflective. In other cases, the RichmondSkylight Manufacturers can provide an additional source of light, allowing the electric energy saving.

The amount of light that is transported inside the environments through the Skylights depends on the intensity of the solar light outside the building. The greater the amount of light falling on the dome of the Skylight, greater the diffusion of the light and room illumination.

Remember, a very important element that determines the amount of incoming light is the placement of the Skylight on the roof.

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