If you’re on the website of a skylights manufacturer the odds are you fall into one of the two following categories:

  1. You’ve already decided to install skylights in your home and/or business and are simply trying to decide which manufacturer to use, we obviously recommend ourselves for reasons you can find on every other page of this site.
  2. The other group would consist of those of you who are currently undecided and looking to be convinced as to why you should choose skylights instead of one or more other home improvement options.

Now, if you have clicked on the “Why Choose Skylights” tab in order to reach this page, we’re willing to bet that you’re most likely in the second group, so that is exactly the target we are going to aim at with this page.

Any skylights manufacturer is obviously going to insist that their product is the best choice you could possibly make. This isn’t a bad thing; we do the same just as any manufacturer of anything should if they want to convince people to buy their product. However, it becomes a problem when they simply make these statements without offering any evidence to back up them up.

At Artistic Skylight Domes, you will never have that sort of experience. We are not only capable of backing up our claims, but happy to do it and openly publish the results of the extensive testing all of our skylights are subjected to front and center under the ‘Technical Resources’ tab of our main website.

Residential or commercial skylights, when produced by a high quality skylights manufacturer and installed by an experienced team, can easily be one of the most energy efficient improvements you can make to your home or business respectively. One of the first things our customers tell us they notice after the installation of their new skylights is the way the new light sources affect and improve the appearance of their home. In addition to the superficial improvements gained from increasing the amount of natural light entering the interior of your building, they can also help you reduce your monthly energy expenses in multiple ways.

Most obviously, more natural light means your home can still be comfortably bright without wasting energy on artificial lighting throughout the day. Additionally, science continues to demonstrate an ever growing number of health benefits which natural light provides when used to replace harsh florescent or incandescent lighting.

However, the less obvious and arguably more significant difference skylights make is to allow a significant decrease in your heating and air conditioning costs. This happens because a high quality skylights manufacturer can determine the proper size and placement of your skylights in order to maximize their capability to help heat your home in the winter while also allowing heat to escape at night during the summer.

Still not convinced? Keep reading the great information available elsewhere on this site, give us a call or use our contact form in order to get in touch with a member of our expert staff.